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  1. Carefully separate the tortillas
  2. Moist each tortilla with a little bit of water
  3. Heat up the tortilla on a contact grill or frying pan without oil or butter until it softens.
  4. Use a tea towel to wrap your tortillas and keep them warm.

Use a tea towel to wrap your tortillas and keep them warm.

No. Tortillas Taiyari are free of conservatives, made with 100% organic and NON-GMO certified corn. They are also gluten-free and vegan.

Yes, tortillas Taiyari are made from 100% organic corn, which is naturally glutenfree.

Yes, the tortillas contain no ingredients from animal sources.

Yes, 100% corn tortillas are healthy. Corn tortillas are a good source of fiber and magnesium. Fiber is important for digestion and heart health, while magnesium plays vital roles for your brain, heart, and muscles. 

Corn tortillas are also considered a whole grain and lower in carbs, calories, and fat compared to flour tortillas.


We recommend consuming the product within 5-7 days. Tortillas must be refrigerated after opening in an airtight container.

We recommend eating the tortillas within the “best before” date so you can enjoy them fresh. If you can’t consume them within that period, you can freeze them for about 3 months. Do not refreeze after defrosting.

Let thaw at room temperature.

Nixtamalization is a process that involves cooking corn in an alkaline solution of calcium hydroxide, or limewater. Corn Kernels are then stone-ground to create a masa, or corn dough. This is shaped, flattened into thin disks, and baked to create tortillas.

While traditional tortillas are made from 100% corn, mass-produced versions may be made from masa harina, with some wheat flour blended into it.

Nixtamalization is an important step that helps enhance the nutritional profile of the corn tortilla. It was traditionally used in Mayan and Aztec cultures.

You should defrost them in the fridge for 24 hours before cooking them. Once the dough is defrosted, you should add a bit of water and knead it so it gets flexible and creamy.

Orders & delivery

We ship our orders every Tuesday and Wednesday. Once your order is confirmed and shipped,  you will receive a track and trace code to follow your parcel.

Yes, you can come to Tortilleria Taiyari to pick up your order. Monday to Thursday, from 9am to 2:00pm.

Yes, we currently ship Taiyari products to United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Germany. If your country is not listed, please send us an email to

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