Our Story

Hi! My name is Karla Plancarte Solorzano and I am the founder and owner of Tortillería Taiyari. 

This company started out as a simple business project after I graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration in Amsterdam. Although this project was already cooking back in 2010, we were finally able to bring it to reality in 2016 when, thanks to my family’s support and their investment, we made Taiyari a reality and my source of income in The Netherlands, surpassing all my expectations and bringing the biggest challenges and rewards in my life. 

Taiyari has become more than just a business project as it opened doors for me in my second home: The Netherlands and it also bonded me to my roots, my culture, my traditions, and my people, even though I was far from México City, where I was born and raised. Taiyari is a Company that aims to enhance Mexican gastronomy through its products. Its purpose is to show people what corn means in Mexican culture and how corn, as the basis of our gastronomy, derives in so many rich dishes that tell by themselves our history and traditions.
There are so many stories of how us Mexicans relate to corn. There is one from the Popol Vuh that says we were created by the gods from white and yellow corn, making it the very foundation of our daily diet. Corn has been part of our diet ever since the Aztec and Mayan cultures. How we made it edible is still a mystery. I read it was an accident: One night our ancestors were cooking corn over wood and the ashes came in the pot by accident. The next day they noticed that the corn had lost the skin and was much more manageable and easier to digest. It was in that moment when the nixtamalization process was born.
Never in a thousand years could I imagine that we would be making this very process on the other side of the world, when in reality, the industrialization of corn is vanishing this process in Mexico along with our native corn seeds, what we know now as heirloom or landrace corn. The corn flour industry grew so much to the point that the molinos (where we stone-ground the nixtamal) were no longer needed and the Non-GMO corn invaded our fields so much, our native corn was about to vanished too.  In the 6 years that I have been living in The Netherlands, I never saw our gastronomy as strong and present as it is right now here and in my beloved Mexico. What we do here is so precious that I can say that not everywhere, even in Mexico, you get the quality and authenticity that we offer. We aim to bring a high-quality product, but also to keep alive our traditions and connection to our beloved Mexico. When we’re far from Mexico, our gastronomy becomes our comfort food; our family and friends a reminder of our roots and pride; and our traditions remind us not to forget who we are and where we come from.
On a personal level, Taiyari has connected me to my roots and traditions much more than when I lived in Mexico. When I was there, I realized I took many things from granted, since it was never in my plans to live anywhere else; but being far from my family and friends, my food, my weather, my traditions, and my lifestyle made me miss things I never thought I would. From a simple chat in my language, to the street and homemade food, or the view I had of the volcanoes from my window bedroom, the spicy fruits and candies I could get at any little store around every corner. I even missed how noisy Mexico City is at every hour of the day. Being able to eat tortillas every day is a blessing to me since it connects me to all the things I left behind, like I believe it does to many other Mexicans living abroad. It is our comfort food, the one that reminds us of who we are and where we come from in a small, medium or a big bite! Enjoy!