About Tortilleria Taiyari

Established in 2016

Tortilleria Taiyari is the first female-founded, authentic Mexican tortilleria y molino in the Netherlands.

At Tortilleria Taiyari we are proud to share our vibrant Mexican food culture with the world.

We’re on a mission to bring people together through deliciously authentic Mexican products like corn tortillas, tostadas, and totopos.

Taiyari means ‘the heart’

Taiyari familia

We are a small yet mighty, female-led team based in The Netherlands.

Our Taiyari familia is an eclectic mix of amigos from five nationalities working in harmony to share our deliciously authentic Mexican products with the world.

We celebrate diversity together in the factory, around the table, and during our vibrant after-work fiestas, complete with plenty of flavorful tacos, of course! 

Our Mexican roots are at the heart of everything we do. For us, corn is more than just a crop—corn is the heart of Mexican cuisine and the fuel that helped us thrive for generations.

Taiyari tortillas are the perfect base for your favorite Mexican dishes like tacos al pastor, shrimp tostadas, or totopos con salsa roja.

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Deliciously authentic Mexican corn tortillas