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Our Process

We know authentic corn tortillas

At Tortillería Taiyari, our secret for making perfectly soft and fluffy corn tortillas is Nixtamalization.

This process takes some extra effort but we know it’s worth it!

Why? Because you deserve to eat great Mexican food. And great Mexican food starts with deliciously authentic corn tortillas!

Step 1: Start with the best ingredients

Quality Mexican tortillas are made from scratch using real corn. We only use organic and native Mexican corn. Whether yellow, white, or blue, the corn is hand-picked, dried, and delivered to our small but mighty factory in the Netherlands.

Step 2: Say it with us: Nix—ta—mal

Let us break it down for you: Cook. Soak. Rest. Drain

Nixtamal is an ancient technique developed by our Aztec ancestors over 3,000 years ago.
First, the corn cooks and soaks overnight in cal, or calcium hydroxide, to create alkaline water. This process naturally softens the corn’s outer layer while increasing the nutrient value. After a little rest, the kernels are washed, rinsed by hand, and ready to go!

Step 3: Time to grind

We use the traditional Mexican molino, a hand-carved, volcanic stone chiseled with deep ridges that are perfect for grinding our corn into a thick dough called masa.
Fun fact: masa is also the base for many Mexican favorites like tamales, gorditas, sopes and so much more!

Step 4: Press, Bake, and Cool

Next, the masa is pressed through a machine to create the round tortillas you love and we bake them immediately for ultimate freshness. Once the warm, fluffy corn tortillas cool off, they’re hand stacked by our staff. ¡Qué rico!

Step 5: Ship, Share and Enjoy

Last but not least, we send our fresh baked tortillas on a quick journey to some of the best restaurants, local grocers, and casitas across Europe.

Now it’s time to eat! Of course, this is our favorite part because we get to share the incredible spirit and flavors of Mexican cuisine with you! ¡Buen provecho!

Deliciously authentic Mexican corn tortillas