Our values

Our mission

Tortilleria Taiyari is on a mission to revive traditional tortilla making. We bring people together through deliciously authentic Mexican products like corn tortillas, tostadas, and totopos. 

While creating Tortillera Taiyairi, our founder Karla found a way to reconnect with her roots from a new perspective while sharing the real taste of Mexico with the world.

Honoring the earth, preserving tradition, and sourcing the best quality corn are at the heart of what we do. That’s why heritage, community, authenticity, tradition, and sustainability are part of Taiyari’s values today.

Our Values

Honoring the earth, preserving tradition, and sourcing the best quality corn are at the heart of what we do. That’s why heritage, authenticity, tradition, community, and sustainability are part of Taiyari’s values today.

Indigenous Mesoamericans cultivated corn over 3000 years ago and this incredible crop fueled civilization for centuries. Corn is the foundation of Mexico’s cultural, culinary, and agricultural history and still revered today. Mexico has more than 50 native varieties of corn, each with their own unique texture, aroma, and flavor. That’s why we say, “sin maiz no hay pais,” meaning that our country and or culture would not thrive without corn.

As a Mexican-founded company, we are proud to be the gatekeepers of our culture and cuisine. When it comes to our stone-ground masa, corn tortillas, tostadas, and totopos, we value quality every step of the way to bring you the real taste of Mexico.

We follow the traditional Nixtamal method and only source high-quality corn from sustainable, native corn farmers in Mexico and certified organic farmers in The Netherlands.

Other tortilla brands claim to be the real deal but they use ingredients like corn flour and that’s simply inauthentic.

Don’t just take our word for it—bite into our deliciously authentic corn tortillas and you’ll taste the difference! 

We are inspired to keep Mexican food traditions alive. In recent years, industrialization has nearly wiped out traditional tortilla making. At Tortilleria Taiyari, we revive the ancient Nixtamal method, soaking the corn with cal to draw out the flavor and nutrients.

Like many generations before, we use organic and native Mexican corn that’s soaked in cal (alkaline water), stone-ground into fresh masa, and then baked right here in the Netherlands. 

We aim to support local communities in Mexico by supporting Earth-positive crop conditions and paying fair prices. That’s why we choose to collaborate with Mexican farmers who grow heirloom corn the traditional way while conserving corn cultivation from one generation to the next. We encourage and support sustainable farming practices in Mexico and the Netherlands. 

We support healthy eating and healthy living for a healthy planet. That’s why we only use natural ingredients and non-GMO corn, and zero preservatives. Our Mesoamerican ancestors cultivated the first crops of corn with similar methods that are still used today. We work with farmers who sustainably grow and harvest native Mexican corn ​​using traditional agricultural methods. We work with farmers in Mexico to revive native Mexican corn traditions to protect the seeds of tomorrow. Our ties to Mexico are muy importante but we also know that transportation emissions have an effect on the environment. That’s why our yellow corn tortillas are made from certified organic corn grown by local farmers here in the Netherlands.

Deliciously authentic Mexican corn tortillas