Meet our founder

Taiyari comes from the heart

Our founder, Karla Plancarte Solorzano, grew up in Mexico surrounded by lush volcanic farmland full of expansive cornfields, the toasty smell of warm, fresh tortillas floating through the air.

After moving to Amsterdam, it’s no surprise that Karla missed eating corn tortillas daily, she longed for the beloved comfort food and delicious corn tortillas of her hometown. 

Nostalgic for the genuine flavor of Mexico, Karla searched across Amsterdam hungry for the high-quality masa and corn tortillas of home but nothing hit the spot.

Inspired by Mexico’s innovative history, Karla realized that the tortillas she made were better than anything found in the Netherlands… and the concept for Tortillera Taiyari was born!

The start of a delicious adventure

“Creating Tortilleria Taiyari began as a personal project but quickly developed into far more than a delicious business venture. I was far from home and this journey allowed me to reconnect with my Mexican roots from a new perspective. 

Through Tortilleria Taiyari, I am able to share my culture and Mexico’s gastronomic traditions with the world while opening new opportunities in my adopted home here in the Netherlands.”

—Karla Plancarte Solorzano, 

Tortilleria Taiyari Founder

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Deliciously authentic Mexican corn tortillas