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Terms & Conditions


Offer: the range of products and services offered by the Tortilleria Taiyari that can be ordered by the Customer through the Platform.

Order: a request made by Customer to Tortilleria Taiyari through the Platform regarding the products or services offered by Tortilleria Taiyari.

Customer: a natural person or legal entity placing an Order through the Platform.

Agreement: a deal between the Customer and the Tortilleria Taiyari regarding an Order and the delivery or collection of the Order.

Platform: the website(s), apps, tools and other equipment of Tortilleria Taiyari and its affiliated companies and/or business partners on which the Service or Products are made available.

Tortilleria Taiyari: a company that prepares and sells Mexican tortillas, meals, beverages and related articles and uses the Platform for the establishment and payment of the Agreements.

Tortilleria Taiyari information:

  • Address: Breguetlaan 19, 1438BA Oude Meer
  • VAT number: NL002517634B82
  • KVK number: 75425203
  • Email:
    1. The General Terms and Conditions below apply to all offers and transactions of Tortilleria Taiyari. Prices are subject to change.
    2. By accepting an offer or making an order, the consumer expressly accepts the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.
    3. Deviations from that stipulated in these Terms and Conditions are only valid when they are confirmed in writing by the management.
    4. All rights and faculties stipulated for Tortilleria Taiyari in these general conditions and in any other agreement shall also apply to intermediaries and other third parties contracted by Tortilleria Taiyari.
    5. By placing an Order the Customer directly concludes an Agreement with Tortilleria Taiyari for delivery of such order. The Customer is bound by the Order and will not be entitled to a refund except in case of cancellation allowed by the Tortilleria Taiyari.
    6. The customer acknowledges and agrees that these terms and conditions of Tortilleria Taiyari shall prevail over its own in each transaction between Tortilleria Taiyari and Customer.
    1. The Tortilleria Taiyari guarantees that all the products offered to meet all quality standards required by law. If there are any complaints, the Tortilleria Taiyari team needs to be informed immediately. Appropriate actions will be taken as soon as possible.
    1. All offers made by Tortilleria Taiyari are without obligation and Tortilleria Taiyari expressly reserves the right to change the prices, in particular, if this is necessary as a result of statutory or other regulations.
    2. All prices are indicated in euros, excluding VAT.
    3. In certain cases, promotional prices apply. These prices are valid only during the specific period indicated by Tortilleria Taiyari. No rights may be invoked on these prices before or after such a specific period.
    4. Tortilleria Taiyari cannot be subject to claims for clearly incorrect price indications, e.g. due to obvious compositional or printing errors. No rights can be derived from incorrect price information.
    5. Tortilleria Taiyari may use ingredients and additives in meals and drinks, that could cause allergies and intolerances. If a Customer is allergic to any foodstuffs, we advise contacting Tortilleria Taiyari by telephone for current allergen information before placing an Order.
    1. Tortilleria Taiyari has the right to cancel or change the date of an event or delivery of products. In the event that this occurs, Tortilleria Taiyari will attempt to provide a suitable solution. If an event or delivery is canceled or postponed, Tortilleria Taiyari will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible. However, Tortilleria Taiyari cannot guarantee that it will be possible to inform you promptly of any changes or cancellations or be liable for refunds, compensation, or any resulting costs that you may incur, for example for travel, accommodation and/or any other related goods or services.
    2. Before confirming your order, always carefully check that you have reserved or ordered the correct products. Incorrect orders are not refundable.
    3. All purchases are final. Orders or reservations cannot be canceled by the customer and no refunds are given.
    1. All prices are excluding VAT.
    2. Methods of payment we accept: Cash, iDeal, Mr. Cash, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
    3. You will not receive confirmation of your definitive booking until your payment has been approved.
    4. The customer is obliged to pay Tortilleria Taiyari for the order. Customer can fulfill this payment obligation by using an online payment method through the Platform.
    5. The (“partial”) refund of online payments will only be possible if the Order cannot be delivered (completely). The refund will always be made to the same account from which the payment was made.
    1. If one or more of the provisions in these Terms and Conditions or any other agreement with Tortilleria Taiyari are in conflict with any applicable legal regulation, the provision in question will lapse and be replaced by a new comparable stipulation admissible by law to be determined by Tortilleria Taiyari.
    2. The law of the Netherlands applies to all agreements entered into with or concluded by Tortilleria Taiyari. Any disputes arising directly or indirectly from these agreements will be exclusively settled by the Court of The Hague.
    1. The Agreement is effective from the moment the Customer completes the order by making payment.
    2. The Agreement can only be executed by Tortilleria Taiyari if the Customer provides correct and complete contact and address information when placing the Order. The Customer is obliged to immediately report any inaccuracies in the payment data supplied or mentioned to Tortilleria Taiyari.
    3. With regard to information on the status of his Order, after placing it, the Customer must be available by telephone or by email, as indicated when placing the Order.
    4. If the Customer decides to have the Order delivered, he/she must be present at the delivery address indicated by him/her in order to receive the products in the Order.
    5. If the Customer decides to pick up the Order, he/she must be present at the designated pickup time at the Tortilleria Taiyari, as indicated in the confirmation email, text message or on the Tortilleria Taiyari website.
    6. Tortilleria Taiyari has the right to cancel the order, for example, if the Offer is no longer available, if the Customer has provided an incorrect or inoperative telephone number or other contact information, or in case of force majeure.
    7. If the Customer places a false order (for instance by providing incorrect contact information, failing to pay or not being present at the place of delivery or collection to receive the order) or otherwise fails to comply with its obligations under the Agreement, Tortilleria Taiyari shall be entitled to refuse any further orders from such Customer.
    8. If Tortilleria Taiyari cancels an order that has already been paid for, Tortilleria Taiyari will transfer the amount paid to the same account from which the payment was made.
    9. If the Customer places Orders that appear to be false or fraudulent, Tortilleria Taiyari may report it to the police.
    1. If the Customer has a complaint regarding the Service, the complaint must be communicated via the contact form, by email or by regular mail to Tortilleria Taiyari contact address as stated in these Terms and Conditions and Conditions.

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