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T-Rex Sauce: Cayenne Crush sriracha


Introducing you to T-Rex Cayenne Crush Hot Sauce! With a fresh mix of Cayenne peppers, red bell peppers, and a careful selection of herbs and spices, this salsa it’s all about that perfect spicy kick and delicious flavor you want to add you your fave foods!

Fermented for 7 days in small batches. Plant-based. Gluten free. Preservative free. Plastic free. Heating rating: 4/5
200 ml, vegan

fresh cayenne pepper, fresh red paprika, fresh Madam Jeannette chilli, sunflower oil, Himalayan salt, garlic, cane sugar, rice vinegar, smoked paprika & smoked paprika powder.
Once opened keep refrigerated and use within 4 weeks.
Made in a kitchen that uses nuts

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