Zero Waste Corn Totopos


Ever wonder what happens when Taiyari tortillas aren’t perfectly round? We turn them into crunchy, colorful totopos! Made from our extra tortillas, zero waste and deliciously addictive tortilla chips, what more can you ask for? Our Mexican-style tortilla chips are fried for the perfect crunch. Dip them into fresh guacamole, salsa, or chilaquiles for brunch.

Yellow, white and blue corn, alkaline water, sunflower oil, salt. That’s it!

Our preservative-free totopos are baked fresh and packaged to secure their delicious flavor. Once opened, we recommend enjoying the tortilla chips within 7 days.

¡Muy importante! Store the totopos in a well-sealed bag or air-tight container to keep them fresh and crunchy.

Simply open the package and enjoy our authentic Mexican-style tortilla chips. We dare you not to eat a whole bag of crunchy totopos all at once. ¡Buen provecho!

Deliciously authentic Mexican corn tortillas