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Ever wondered if there’s a “correct” side to a tortilla? Well, there is! Please don’t click back just yet as this is important tortilla knowledge you don’t want to miss.

The two distinct sides of the corn tortilla:
🌽 The outer side: it’s thicker, with a bit more texture. This is the side that should hit the comal first.
🌽 The inner side: It’s lighter, smoother, and almost looks like it could peel away. This is where your delicious toppings belong.

why it is important to fold tortillas on the "correct" side?

Now, why does this matter? We totally get your curiosity.

The outside of the tortilla is the powerhouse. It’s designed to hold all those delicious fillings. So, folding on the wrong side might just lead to a taco tragedy!

Armed with this knowledge, the next time you’re preparing your favorite tacos or quesadillas, take a closer look at your corn tortillas and make sure you are placing them on the right side.

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Stay tuned for more exciting culinary secrets and mouthwatering tips. Happy cooking!