Mexican Box: Chicken Tacos al Pastor


Elevate your taco game with our delicious Chicken Tacos al Pastor, a mouthwatering fusion of traditional Mexican flavors.

Our al pastor marinade infuses the chicken with a tantalizing blend of smoky chipotle, fragrant spices, and a touch of citrus, creating a harmonious balance of savory, spicy, and subtly sweet notes. Topped with fresh pineapple, cilantro, and diced onions, each bite is a burst of authentic Mexican flavor that will transport you to the bustling streets of Mexico City.

Perfect for a fiesta with friends or a flavorful weeknight dinner, this Chicken Tacos al Pastor are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. 

This ready-to-eat Mexican box serves 3 people and includes: 

  • Zero waste totopos (250gr) and salsa verde (175ml)
  • Al Pastor marinated chicken and diced pineapple as topping
  • 20 tortillas Taqueras Taiyari
  • Mexican-style red rice
  • Churros with a dusting of cinnamon and a side of chocolate dipping sauce for dessert

Order your kit today, and treat yourself to a culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavours of Mexican cuisine.


keep cold
This kit is ready-to-eat. Follow the warming up instructions you get with the Mexican box.
¡Muy importante! 
Our tortillas must be refrigerated. Once opened, we recommend enjoying them within 3 days or freeze for up to 90 days inside a suitable, well-sealed bag. After opening mole sauce store it sealed in the fridge for next use.

It goes great with:

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