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Mexican Box: Jackfruit Pibil Tostadas


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Enjoy this vegetarian version of the beloved Cochinita Pibil, featuring tender jackfruit marinated in a harmonious blend of achiote paste, citrus juices, and a secret selection of spices. Slow-cooked to perfection, the result is a succulent, smoky, and tangy filling that captures the essence of the original dish.

This ready-to-eat Mexican box serves 3 people and includes: 

  • Zero waste totopos (250gr) and salsa verde (175ml)
  • Jackfruit in pibil sauce and 12 Taiyari tostadas (12cm) with a side of refried beans and habanero marinated red onion. 
  • Mexican-style red rice 
  • Churros with a dusting of cinnamon and a side of chocolate dipping sauce for dessert

Order your kit today, and treat yourself to a culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavours of Mexican cuisine.


keep cold
This kit is ready-to-eat. Follow the warming up instructions you get with the Mexican box.
Gluten is contained in the churros. They are packed separately from the rest of the ingredients however they may contain traces of gluten.
¡Muy importante! 
Our tortillas must be refrigerated. Once opened, we recommend enjoying them within 3 days or freeze for up to 90 days inside a suitable, well-sealed bag. After opening mole sauce store it sealed in the fridge for next use.

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